Our Services

Our Services

You can decide the level of care your child needs from the following services:

A fully qualified registered nurse who will provide the highest level of care for your child. If your child’s needs are more complex and they need specialist care. When you make the booking you will be sent a link to view a detailed profile of the nurse who has been allocated to you. You will also be given contact details to contact your nurse before they arrive to ensure that you get the opportunity to ask them any questions you may have. Your nurse will aim to arrive at your home with plenty of time for a ‘handover’. You will be able to discuss your child’s individual needs and establish when you wish to be contacted during the booking e.g. hourly or a once in the morning and once in the afternoon etc.

A fully qualified nursery nurse who will provide a high level of care for your child. All of our nursery nurses are trained in paediatric first aid and have completed a credited course that is updated annually. If your child needs painkillers etc, then our nursery nurses are able to administer these as long as you sign a declaration confirming when previous doses were given.

Our nurses and nursery nurses all hold a full driving license and are fully insured to take your child to the doctors or hospital if necessary. We have a selection of car seats available or you can leave your child’s usual seat as long as it is universal for all cars.

If you know in advance how long you will need our service for, then you can pre-book online or over the telephone.

If you get a call from your child’s school or nursery, asking for your child to be collected, we are able to collect your child and take them home for you. If this is the service you require, please call the Fairy Pop-ins office and we can make arrangements to help you.